I am happy to present to you the new upcoming MUA's and stylist who will be representing Team Imageri. Each has devoted a great deal of their time to developing their skills to help young models pursue their dreams. Without further fanfair here they are.
Kate Moran - Make-up artist
Kate Moran is happiest with a makeup brush in hand and palette of bright eye shadows. Kate's love of makeup sparked with a tube of Tinkerbell lipstick and flourished with experience in the cosmetics aisles and education in pro makeup workshops. Kate has worked with men and women from all walks of life while working with Twin Cities fashion events. Sometimes providing makeup for as many as 20 models for runway shows, Kate knows the pressure of balancing perfection and time. Kate is excited to work with Team Imageri and grow her print portfolio.
View Kates work HERE
Melina has been doing hair and make-up professionally for 12 years. After living and working in Norway for 4 years she returned to Minneapolis and entered the world of editorial photoshoots. From there she has been involved with wardrobe styling, hair and make-up in NYC, Miami and, Chicago as well as Minneapolis. She looks forward to joining the team and assisting you on your shoot.
Melina Kristoferson - Make-up artist & hair stylist